Added value

Events at Graniitvilla have often been accompanied by live music provided by our good friends. The line-ups, instruments and styles differ, but all of the performers are professionals in their field. Graniitvilla’s great hall is also suitable for hosting private concerts. We have a long list of familiar performers for every taste.

You can also enjoy horse-drawn rides on the surrounding roads with carts, carriages and coaches in summer and sleighs in winter. However, the fanciest rides are the classic cars from the Laitse Rally Park collection.

More suggestions

Take a walk in the lap of nature, go horseback riding in Ruila or get your adrenaline fix at the rally park.

We have years of experience and know who to recommend if we are having trouble hosting a large party by ourselves. We will help you find the right people for graphic design and general party organisation, everything from invitations, music and MCs to decorations. Make sure to ask us for recommendations!

Laitse's sights

Laitse Castle was built between 1890 and 1892 by Baron Woldemar von Uexküll. Built from Vasalemma marble, the romantic manor house is one of the finest examples of historicist neo-Gothic architecture in Estonia.

Ruila Manor, which was first mentioned in 1417. In the Middle Ages it belonged to the Teutonic Order. The manor has had many owners in its long history. Today it’s is home to a school. Ukukivi, a sacrificial stone that is 35.1 metres wide and stands 5.7 metres high. The 50 cm wide and 25 cm deep depression on the stone is the largest in Estonia.

The famous juniper tree with its seven twists, located by the Tallinn-Pärnu road in Kernu municipality. Legend has it that the tree was planted during the Great Northern War by King Charles XII of Sweden. Dendrologists have confirmed that it is more than 300 years old.

Laitse Radio Station. This magnificent limestone building with its tall arched windows was built between 1947 and 1949. The rows of tall cypress-like thuja trees in front of the main gate emphasise the grandness of the building.